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Drug Offenses

In 2022, the drug arrest rate in Duval County stood at 605.9 per 100,000 residents, markedly surpassing Florida’s average of 372.6. Confronted with allegations of possession, trafficking, or any armed drug offense? Bowers Law boasts profound expertise, ensuring you have a tenacious defense. Let Bowers Law be there to protect your life and your freedom.

Gun and Firearm Offenses

In Florida, possessing a firearm after a felony conviction carries penalties starting at up to 15 years in prison, minimum mandatories and substantial fines. If you’re confronted with this challenging scenario, Bowers Law is here to provide an unwavering defense. Our mission is to represent and support you, especially during challenging times.

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Shooting / Throwing Deadly Missiles
  • Attempted Murder
  • Murder


An enjoyable evening can swiftly spiral into adversity with a DUI arrest. Navigating the license repercussions, financial liabilities, and future implications can be daunting. Bowers Law offers unsurpassed representation in DUI defense, whether it’s a first DUI arrest or one of several.
. Our areas of unsurpassed encompass:

  • Misdemeanor and Felony DUI – Breath or Refusal – All Enhancements
  • Car Accidents
  • Injury and Death

Battery and Domestic Violence

In 2020, law enforcement agencies in Florida recorded 106,515 instances of domestic violence, culminating in 63,217 arrests. Facing charges related to these offenses? Bowers Law provides an unrivaled defense tailored to the unique circumstances of your case.

  • Misdemeanor and Felony Charges
  • Strangulation / Pregnant Enhancements
  • Restraining Orders

Theft and Property Crimes

Theft, Fraud, Property Crimes, Criminal Mischief, Destruction of Property With our broad spectrum of expertise, we’re equipped to be your defense team. Contact us for a free consultation. We pledge to treat you, and protect you, like family.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic citations and driving issues can happen to anyone. Distractions and bad drivers happen. Bowers Law stands ready to advocate on your behalf, protecting your rights, interests, and license. We handle all moving violations, license suspensions, and accident-related charges.

Sex Crimes

Facing an allegation of a sex crime is life-altering. Even without solid evidence, sex allegations can lead to severe legal repercussions, including prison and mandatory registration as a sex offender. These consequences alter the trajectory of one’s life significantly. At Bowers Law, we fully grasp the gravity of these situations. Our commitment is to stand by your side, providing rigorous defense and guidance, regardless of whether the allegations are baseless or have merit.

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